What Makes Us #Danes Happy

We great danes, Stellar and Venus, like food, sleep, running; food, sleep, running; food sleep running; food, sleep; food, sleep; sleep; sleep; sleeeeee.

Danes-Stellar smiling

Come on, tickle me.

I’m happy!

Danes, Stellar  with more smiles

Come on, I’m waiting for tickles.



Visiting The #Vet

We great danes, Stellar and Venus, like going in the box on round things. We see lots of trees and big boxes and people like him. Calm, she says as he takes Stellar on the lead and she takes me, Venus, to the box thingy. I pull. She opens the door. I jump inside. Then Stellar. She sits in the middle of us on the back seat. Sit, she says. We step on her and our giant paws and claws push on her knees. Her face goes wrinkly and slowly she lifts off a large paw. Ouch! We go h,h,h,h. In front, he turns the round thingy. Cold wind pours on our heads. That’s better. We drool over the big bed seat cover thingy they put inside. She pats our heads and we go h,h,h,h. Calm, calm. Our black and white hair is all over her.

The box stops. I know this place. I want to jump out. He takes Stellar. I want to go too. The door is still open. She holds on to the lead and she says, stay. I don’t know why he shuts the door. He looks inside the big box. He calls her and says, OK, no cats.  She opens the door. Calm. Out we go. Calm.

They talk to the man. Inside, I want to sniff all over. Stellar goes away. The door shuts. I go h,h,h,h. He smiles and comes out with a piece of red wooly stuff. Stellar chewed a rug and a bit stuck between her teeth. He got it out! I hear clip, clip. Talking. Out she comes. I go in. He cuts my claws on my legs. She holds me still. I won’t let him cut anymore. He puts something in my neck. Finished. She holds my head and he presses my bottom. All done!

Talking. A lady comes with a small dog. She goes. Why? Is she scared of us? They take us back to the box. H,h,h,h. She goes in.

Me-It’s interesting how simple changes can cause a slight problem. In hot weather, we let Stellar go in and out of her crate at night. Venus remains inside her crate. Stellar chewed the corner of an old rug on the cool stone floor. By day, she kept licking her lips. Unbeknown to us, a piece of wool was stuck between her teeth. Venus had a blockage in the tubes leading to her anal sacs. It took the vet just a squeeze to unblock them. No more bad smell!

Vet Visit 1

Venus is tired after her vet visit

So two one yearly check-ups (heart, teeth, search for tumors, etc), yearly vaccinations for serious dog illnesses, small treatments, and claw trimming, as much as Stellar and Venus would allow! I’ll have to be sneaky and try to trim their claws again at home.

Yearly check up and vaccinations- so worth it.

Vet Visit 2

Stellar seems to have lost her tail at the vets!

#Showering Dogs

Yes, we great danes, Stellar and Venus, take up all the shower thingy! She holds food and we follow her in. Just one!  Venus is pushed gently on her tail. She doesn’t walk in like me. We scoff the food. Water pours over our heads. It warms our ears and paws. She even sprays it under our tummies. It goes under our tails too.

Danes, Stellar showering

Mmm warm water

As soon as she rubs it on, I lick the bubbles. More water. She rubs the towel thingy over me. She calls him. The towel lays over my back. I walk out of the big box as she squeezes my long tail. I  have a big shake.  They go, “Oh no.” He smoothes the towel along me. I run in the garden. Where’s the mud?

Danes, Venus before her shower

Venus eats before her shower.

Keeping Our Great Danes #Alive

We great danes, Stellar and Venus are changing. My face is light, not black. I’m slow when I get up  from my day bed. I bark at noises. Venus doesn’t like to go downstairs to bed when it’s black outside. She eats leaves that make her sick.

Me-Venus and Stellar are nine years old this month. Like all dog lovers, we hope our pets will live a long and happy life. We do two things to assist us.

  1. We take our danes to the vet when necessary.  Regular injections keep fatal dog illnesses at bay. The vet uses his expertise to give our dogs care if we’re unable to provide it ourselves.
  2. We feed our dogs the BARF diet (bones and raw food). Just as humans are advised to return to non-processed food for good health, so we provide our dogs with the same care. They love chopped salad vegetables, chopped offal, chopped banana, plain yogurt and dog biscuit all in one bowl! We add a daily cod liver oil capsule and a tablet of glucosamine each.
  3. Our dogs are still slim, fast and agile as a gazelle. Local cats will confirm that!
  4. Danes Nearly nine years old 2016-03-15

    Stellar and Venus, nine years old

Dogs Want #Security Too

We great danes, Stellar and Venus, want our day beds. Why are they on the chair thingys?

Dog beds drying

Dog beds drying

I don’t want to lie on my blanket. The floor is hard.


Dog blankets

Ah, at last, the beds we lie on smell soapy like shower time.

Danes sleeping with blankets

On cold winter evenings, we like to feel cosy.

Dogs are creatures of habit so we provide security by giving them their regular routine. Stellar and Venus love soft beds and evening blankets. We like a wood burning fire.





















Two #Rugs Are Better Than One

We great danes, Stellar and Venus, like being snuggly. When the garden is black, we have our own crates with blankets and towelly thingys for sleep. When it’s shiny, we have our own soft round beds to see the garden. If it’s pant, pant, pant, we lie on the stone

There’s only ONE rug.

60bbbbbbb Venus on the crumpled rug

Venus crumples the old rug and lies on it.

I’m top dog. I want the rug so I step on it. Venus doesn’t go.

60c Stellar growls

Stellar tries growling to get rid of Venus.

I’m top dog. Now I try licking her.

60cccc Stellar tries licking

Venus likes it when Stellar licks or bites her cheek.

Venus is still here. I’m top dog. I’ll try playing.

60cccccc Stellar playing but showing whose boss

Stellar is playing but showing Venus she’s the boss.

Venus goes to the garden door.

60ccccccc Ah, Venus has gone.

Stellar is curious.

60d Get off Stellar.

Venus tells Stellar to move.

Venus wanders off again.

60dd The rug's  mine

Er, I’m top dog so Venus obeys me.



Festive Great #Danes