Keeping Our Great Danes #Alive

We great danes, Stellar and Venus are changing. My face is light, not black. I’m slow when I get up  from my day bed. I bark at noises. Venus doesn’t like to go downstairs to bed when it’s black outside. She eats leaves that make her sick.

Me-Venus and Stellar are nine years old this month. Like all dog lovers, we hope our pets will live a long and happy life. We do two things to assist us.

  1. We take our danes to the vet when necessary.  Regular injections keep fatal dog illnesses at bay. The vet uses his expertise to give our dogs care if we’re unable to provide it ourselves.
  2. We feed our dogs the BARF diet (bones and raw food). Just as humans are advised to return to non-processed food for good health, so we provide our dogs with the same care. They love chopped salad vegetables, chopped offal, chopped banana, plain yogurt and dog biscuit all in one bowl! We add a daily cod liver oil capsule and a tablet of glucosamine each.
  3. Our dogs are still slim, fast and agile as a gazelle. Local cats will confirm that!
  4. Danes Nearly nine years old 2016-03-15

    Stellar and Venus, nine years old


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