Are We #Grateful?

We have many things for which to be grateful: family, friends, material goods, food and drink, travel experiences, good health, interests and more. We are in this position due to our own ability and also luck.

However, not all would consider material possessions a sign of happiness or success. Someone said, “Don’t admire a wealthy person as that is all they have”. Happiness is relative. An aesthete is only interested in the arts but not material possessions. A Buddhist monk survives on only basic food and prayer. Simple tribes live happily only sharing with others.

Where poverty is causing unhappiness, those less fortunate than us do not choose to be in this situation.  We are aware of the needs of others and help in our own way, materially, financially or with our time.

The best possession of all is receiving love and giving love.

We great danes, Stellar and Venus, just want some love and a good scratch!



Venus love cuddles!





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