Two #Rugs Are Better Than One

We great danes, Stellar and Venus, like being snuggly. When the garden is black, we have our own crates with blankets and towelly thingys for sleep. When it’s shiny, we have our own soft round beds to see the garden. If it’s pant, pant, pant, we lie on the stone

There’s only ONE rug.

60bbbbbbb Venus on the crumpled rug

Venus crumples the old rug and lies on it.

I’m top dog. I want the rug so I step on it. Venus doesn’t go.

60c Stellar growls

Stellar tries growling to get rid of Venus.

I’m top dog. Now I try licking her.

60cccc Stellar tries licking

Venus likes it when Stellar licks or bites her cheek.

Venus is still here. I’m top dog. I’ll try playing.

60cccccc Stellar playing but showing whose boss

Stellar is playing but showing Venus she’s the boss.

Venus goes to the garden door.

60ccccccc Ah, Venus has gone.

Stellar is curious.

60d Get off Stellar.

Venus tells Stellar to move.

Venus wanders off again.

60dd The rug's  mine

Er, I’m top dog so Venus obeys me.




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