Hello and welcome!  We may have some interests in common- family, pets, nature, travel, thrifty hobbies, a healthy and economical lifestyle, living in other countries plus event making.

For my blog, Helpful Hints from Hounds and Humans, I draw on my observations, interests and daily life in sunny Cyprus and the cosmopolitan United Kingdom to support you.

In my books for adults, I like to use my experiences and hobbies to make your life easier and more fun!

DYOW Cover

My book, Do Your Own Wedding (Eve Thomson) provides the story and explanation of the hands-on preparation in two countries (The United Kingdom and Cyprus) of an enthralling wedding. You can copy all or use just some of the ideas!

Thriftaholic Approved Kindle Cover The  Final One

My book, Thriftaholic, Live Well, Spend Less (Eve Thomson) deluges you with practical and imaginative money saving hints in chapters about cooking, home, garden, healthy lifestyle, holidays, care of children and pets plus more!

As a teacher, I enjoyed reading entertaining books to various age groups of children. Now I prefer to write fantasy adventure myself.


My children’s book, Beastly Brute and the Amazing Animals (MEL Thomson) is based on the caring interaction of a group of captivating animals and their eccentric owners. The animals try to escape from the one moody owner which causes mayhem and this results in thrilling adventures with an emphasis on nature.

Battie Batford, front cover

My children’s book, Battie Batford Saves the World (MEL Thomson) takes us on incredible spellbinding space trips. The group of beguiling friends visits enchanting far-away places on Earth too where they help others who are in need. Of course, their enemy finds riveting ways to upset their astonishing plans.

Thank you for your interest. Feel free to visit my amazon page to find these books.


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    • Thank you, Alison. It’s good that we share experiences of Cyprus. I’m Eve and I use my name for my “How To” adult books (Do Your Own Wedding and Thriftaholic, Live Well, Spend Less) but for my children’s fiction books (Beastly Brute and the Amazing Animals plus Battie Batford Saves the World), I use unisex MEL. amazon.com/author/evethomson

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