Dogs Want #Security Too

We great danes, Stellar and Venus, want our day beds. Why are they on the chair thingys?

Dog beds drying

Dog beds drying

I don’t want to lie on my blanket. The floor is hard.


Dog blankets

Ah, at last, the beds we lie on smell soapy like shower time.

Danes sleeping with blankets

On cold winter evenings, we like to feel cosy.

Dogs are creatures of habit so we provide security by giving them their regular routine. Stellar and Venus love soft beds and evening blankets. We like a wood burning fire.






















3 thoughts on “Dogs Want #Security Too

  1. Beautiful dogs. Our dog makes her bed where ever she likes. If she had a real dog bed, she would just drag it around and chew on it. So she must make do with people furniture. Cheers, Michele

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      • Yes, and she likes to steal your spot as soon as you get up. She is a chocolate lab/golden retriever cross, not as big as your babies, but big enough when you want to move her and she becomes dead weight. Cheers, Michele


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