Does Your Dog Pass The #Breath Test?

We great danes, Stellar and Venus, like that brush thingy rubbing over us. We LOVE our food. We don’t mind being in the shower too much.
There’s one thing we don’t like. When we have eaten and she picks up the long thing. She presses it. She puts a blob on her fingers. She says, “Teeth” and tries to open our mouths.

“Do I, Stellar, have to open my mouth?”

She puts her fingers on our teeth. Then we feel this soft stuff.
Now the top row

Now the top row

It smells like a green thing in the garden. She cuts it in the smelly room and put it on food.
Me- As puppies, the dogs hated teeth cleaning with a dog toothbrush. They wouldn’t keep still. Now they are much older they dislike it but they accept it.
Do you like my smile?

“Do you like my smile?”


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