Uses for Your Tree #Seeds

We great danes, Stellar and Venus, like to snuffle. We want to chew seed thingys. Someone sweeps them away. We see the round black seed thingys from the tall straight tree with prickly leaves. They had labra something dogs when she planted it. That was before us. Sort of grass comes from the round seeds. She pulls it up.


The black palm seeds have fallen from their cases.

The big, wide trees drop lots of seeds now. They blow about in the wind. Once they dropped on the table  below. She was pushing a brush along. She left some to stick on the picture.

Seeds, Ficus

The green Ficus seeds are unripe, the reddish-brown  ones are ripe and the light  brown ones are old.

Ah, my favourite, the big round seed thingys from the smelly trees with furry leaves. They drop and they are shut like a small ball. Then they go woody and open up. Out fall the seeds. I want to chew the empty box.

Fir cones, Cyprus

Abundant fir cones on Cypress trees

Me-Frequently, I find self-sown palm seeds near the palm tree. If I potted up the seedlings I could have a nursery of palm trees in various stages of growth. They make an attractive present in a pot.

The Ficus seeds make good ground cover, replacing terracotta clay balls. However, some do sprout. They are soft and so easily threaded to make fun jewellery.

Empty pine seed boxes make pretty indoor arrangements. Place them in an unused fireplace or spray them silver or any colour you require, depending on the season or celebration.
















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