#Showering Dogs

Yes, we great danes, Stellar and Venus, take up all the shower thingy! She holds food and we follow her in. Just one!  Venus is pushed gently on her tail. She doesn’t walk in like me. We scoff the food. Water pours over our heads. It warms our ears and paws. She even sprays it under our tummies. It goes under our tails too.

Danes, Stellar showering

Mmm warm water

As soon as she rubs it on, I lick the bubbles. More water. She rubs the towel thingy over me. She calls him. The towel lays over my back. I walk out of the big box as she squeezes my long tail. I  have a big shake.  They go, “Oh no.” He smoothes the towel along me. I run in the garden. Where’s the mud?

Danes, Venus before her shower

Venus eats before her shower.


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