What Makes Us #Danes Happy

We great danes, Stellar and Venus, like food, sleep, running; food, sleep, running; food sleep running; food, sleep; food, sleep; sleep; sleep; sleeeeee.

Danes-Stellar smiling

Come on, tickle me.

I’m happy!

Danes, Stellar  with more smiles

Come on, I’m waiting for tickles.



Visiting The #Vet

We great danes, Stellar and Venus, like going in the box on round things. We see lots of trees and big boxes and people like him. Calm, she says as he takes Stellar on the lead and she takes me, Venus, to the box thingy. I pull. She opens the door. I jump inside. Then Stellar. She sits in the middle of us on the back seat. Sit, she says. We step on her and our giant paws and claws push on her knees. Her face goes wrinkly and slowly she lifts off a large paw. Ouch! We go h,h,h,h. In front, he turns the round thingy. Cold wind pours on our heads. That’s better. We drool over the big bed seat cover thingy they put inside. She pats our heads and we go h,h,h,h. Calm, calm. Our black and white hair is all over her.

The box stops. I know this place. I want to jump out. He takes Stellar. I want to go too. The door is still open. She holds on to the lead and she says, stay. I don’t know why he shuts the door. He looks inside the big box. He calls her and says, OK, no cats.  She opens the door. Calm. Out we go. Calm.

They talk to the man. Inside, I want to sniff all over. Stellar goes away. The door shuts. I go h,h,h,h. He smiles and comes out with a piece of red wooly stuff. Stellar chewed a rug and a bit stuck between her teeth. He got it out! I hear clip, clip. Talking. Out she comes. I go in. He cuts my claws on my legs. She holds me still. I won’t let him cut anymore. He puts something in my neck. Finished. She holds my head and he presses my bottom. All done!

Talking. A lady comes with a small dog. She goes. Why? Is she scared of us? They take us back to the box. H,h,h,h. She goes in.

Me-It’s interesting how simple changes can cause a slight problem. In hot weather, we let Stellar go in and out of her crate at night. Venus remains inside her crate. Stellar chewed the corner of an old rug on the cool stone floor. By day, she kept licking her lips. Unbeknown to us, a piece of wool was stuck between her teeth. Venus had a blockage in the tubes leading to her anal sacs. It took the vet just a squeeze to unblock them. No more bad smell!

Vet Visit 1

Venus is tired after her vet visit

So two one yearly check-ups (heart, teeth, search for tumors, etc), yearly vaccinations for serious dog illnesses, small treatments, and claw trimming, as much as Stellar and Venus would allow! I’ll have to be sneaky and try to trim their claws again at home.

Yearly check up and vaccinations- so worth it.

Vet Visit 2

Stellar seems to have lost her tail at the vets!

Dogs Want #Security Too

We great danes, Stellar and Venus, want our day beds. Why are they on the chair thingys?

Dog beds drying

Dog beds drying

I don’t want to lie on my blanket. The floor is hard.


Dog blankets

Ah, at last, the beds we lie on smell soapy like shower time.

Danes sleeping with blankets

On cold winter evenings, we like to feel cosy.

Dogs are creatures of habit so we provide security by giving them their regular routine. Stellar and Venus love soft beds and evening blankets. We like a wood burning fire.





















Uses for Your Tree #Seeds

We great danes, Stellar and Venus, like to snuffle. We want to chew seed thingys. Someone sweeps them away. We see the round black seed thingys from the tall straight tree with prickly leaves. They had labra something dogs when she planted it. That was before us. Sort of grass comes from the round seeds. She pulls it up.


The black palm seeds have fallen from their cases.

The big, wide trees drop lots of seeds now. They blow about in the wind. Once they dropped on the table  below. She was pushing a brush along. She left some to stick on the picture.

Seeds, Ficus

The green Ficus seeds are unripe, the reddish-brown  ones are ripe and the light  brown ones are old.

Ah, my favourite, the big round seed thingys from the smelly trees with furry leaves. They drop and they are shut like a small ball. Then they go woody and open up. Out fall the seeds. I want to chew the empty box.

Fir cones, Cyprus

Abundant fir cones on Cypress trees

Me-Frequently, I find self-sown palm seeds near the palm tree. If I potted up the seedlings I could have a nursery of palm trees in various stages of growth. They make an attractive present in a pot.

The Ficus seeds make good ground cover, replacing terracotta clay balls. However, some do sprout. They are soft and so easily threaded to make fun jewellery.

Empty pine seed boxes make pretty indoor arrangements. Place them in an unused fireplace or spray them silver or any colour you require, depending on the season or celebration.















Keeping Dogs Warm-#Recycling

We great danes, Stellar and Venus, were born in sunny Cyprus. Our ears and paws are warm. We don’t like wet stuff falling on us. We keep dry inside. Now it’s cool. We curl up into balls. Our ears and paws feel cold. She tells us to lie down. We curl up in our snug day beds. She drops covers on us. We’re snug as bugs in rugs!

We just want to stay under our covers.

We just want to stay under our covers.

Me-Keep old towels for your dogs. Use them to dry wet dogs and wet paws. They make good blankets too.

We feel snugly.

We feel snugly.

Ways To Be #Happy

We Great Danes, Stellar and Venus, love guests. They talk to us. They say things like “I know, away now,” and “Good girl, away now.” We want to rub our noses against them. Put our heads on their laps. They seem to push us away. I don’t know why. She wipes our mouths with a paper thingy. She says something about drool. She says sit. Then she strokes our heads. We lift our paws for more.

We're ready for pats!

We’re ready for pats!

Me-Guests to stay. We plan ahead. I cook and freeze meals, we arrange dates for our local friends to meet our staying guests at home or out. More guests coming. The others have sadly gone. Laughter, tasty meals, sharing tv programmes/films, going out. Simple pleasures made special with friends.

We take time to remember. We think about all those guests we have hosted, family or friends. So far we have looked after those with conditions including anorexia, coeliac/gluten intolerance, depression, substance withdrawal, schizophrenia, elderly frailness, stomach ulcer, post heart attack, dental problems, pregnancy plus babies requiring home-made blended food.
Feel good that you have given others TLC (tender loving care) in your own way, maybe at home or at work. When you give others happiness you are happy too. You might be happy to help some more.

#Gekos And Ways To Prevent Mosquitos

We Great Danes see tiny ones. We want to catch them. It’s hard. They move on the walls and up there as well as down. They’re so fast. We smell them under the wood things that go squeak when she goes into another place.

Maybe this is where the mosquitos enter.

Maybe this is where the mosquitos enter.

Me-Our geko visitors keep mosquitos away. I grow basil near outside doors as they don’t like the smell. On a hot summer evening we spray lemon (citronella) on our skin. This works well. Of course there are the can sprays and plug- ins too plus mosquito nets and fans. Shutting window and doors helps although fresh breezes are then kept out.
In a wash basin so I'll have to rescue this one.

In a wash basin so I’ll have to rescue this one.