Enjoy #Figs

We pruned our fruit garden tree quite drastically last spring. As a result of the shock to the trees, we expected a few fruit, if any, this year. To some extent, we have been proved wrong.

For breakfast, we’re enjoying figs from our black and green fig trees with our muesli and yogurt. More figs are ripening.

Figs (chopped) with muesli and yogurt

Our figs with muesli and yogurt for breakfast

However, the few pomegranate buds fell off the pomegranate trees.We’ll have a big celebration for the one remaining pomegranate fruit!



Why We Great Danes Want To #Live Forever

We Great Danes loved our puppy porridge. It was soft , warm and we ate it quickly. Then, at ten weeks old, our new people gave us some soft meat. Mmm, raw chicken mince! Venus, my sister didn’t like the plants they gave us. She only liked the meat. They didn’t give her anything else. She got used to it. We both liked the yogurt and banana-yummy. They put funny round things in too. One is white and the other is golden and round. It smells of fish. We love our food!

We're not allowed in the kitchen but we creep in!

We’re not allowed in the kitchen but we creep in!

Me-Danes live from 7-about 10 years of age. With good diet and some exercise (too much exercise damages their spindly legs), we hope our Danes will live long lives. The BARF (Bones And Raw Food) diet has been their only food. Their breakfast of raw chicken carcass cleans their teeth and provides calcium. I wouldn’t like my hand to get in the way of their jaws! Cooked chicken bones can break up in the stomach and cause problems. Their other meal is scoffed in seconds. Their daily tablets are glucosamine for healthy joints and cod liver oil for a healthy brain and coat. Maybe I need some too!

We love our chopped salad-tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, celery and peppers.

We love our chopped salad-tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, celery and peppers.

Try These Ideas For A #Dinner Party

Oh he’s putting the good stuff on the wooden table. He’s wiping everything first. He wants the hard mats, she wants the soft ones. Who cares? Me, Stellar, and Venus (Great Danes) are excited as we’ll meet their friends. They only let us come in when they eat dessert. She carries the food. I don’t know why she doesn’t let us say hello at the table or watch her in the kitchen.

Red, maroon or pink hard and soft mats

Red, maroon or pink hard and soft mats

She’s been in the kitchen using the noisy thing a lot. She gets the very smelly plants from pots outside. One has big leaves and the other has small ones. She uses lots of leaves. I can smell creamy cheese and yogurt. I have yogurt in my food every day. I can hear that white sandy stuff going into a bowl. She’s putting it all in bags. She opens the silver door. There they go into that very cold box.
Greek and Italian Basil

Greek and Italian Basil

Me- Basil ice cream is quick and easy to make. It can go with so many things. The walnut tart I made was a tasty partner for it.