Uses For Garden #Containers.

We buy a basket of trailing plants. Don’t leave the plants in one container. Divide them into three or four containers. As the season progresses and the plants grow, you will have more plants for your money. Mix slow-release fertiliser pellets and water retaining granules (vermiculite) with the plant medium in the container. Plants in containers dry out quickly. Water regularly.

If these plants are seasonal, keep the empty containers when the plants are finished. Replace them with evergreen cold-withstanding plants.

Use containers to add interest to a plain area such as a patio, by adding a riot of flowers suitable for the conditions of the site: sun, shade or partial shade. Hang containers from tree boughs to add summer colour, once blossom has faded. A group of containers is more eye-catching, especially with the same plants. Brighten up a dark wall with white flowers. A view of white flowers looks particularly effective as light fades.

Hanging baskets, white

White flowers stand out in low light.


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