Easy #Fancy Dress

Does your heart sink when you have to wear fancy dress? Some people love it. They may have an assortment of outfits, have the ability to throw some pieces together and end up with a convincing outfit or even make an outfit themselves. The last resort is to hire an outfit.

A quick, cheap and simple  way is to buy or make a mask. Just an eye mask will do. If possible, find a suitable outfit from your wardrobe to match the colour of the mask. Depending on the invitation, choose formal or informal, smart or casual, daytime or evening clothes or conform to a theme.

Fancy dress-mask and scarf

Fancy dress mask and scarf

The finishing touch is an optional scarf: toning, contrasting or matching. This makes the mask more stylish. For a woman, this could be long, flowing and wrapped around the elastic of the mask. The two ends of the scarf can fall beside your face. On a man this may look pirate like if the scarf is short at the sides. When you try on the outfit it will evolve. Give yourself time to look in the mirror and make adjustments. You might change the scarf for another, change your footwear or add an item of clothing such as a waistcoat. Eventually, you will have your outfit, based only on a simple mask.

You will be admired for your ingenuity. Call yourself whatever you like!


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