Tips For Sun #Damage

Living in a sunny country means cars don’t rust, there are no frosty windows to scrape clean before driving, plants don’t die from cold temperatures and outside temperatures are never bitter.

However, the sun can be an enemy. All kinds of materials can be damaged including our own skin. Now we all know how to prevent skin problems.

Precautions for the home and garden include using tinted windows, drawing curtains during the day in bedrooms to keep furniture from bleaching and lining curtains with special sun resistant lining. To prevent fraying of sofas which catch the sun, place a throw over the top of them. Hang picture prints away from sunlight or they turn blue. If possible, keep rugs away from windows before they fade. Stowaway sun lounger mattresses until needed as the sunshine will shred them. Choose light coloured garden furnishings like patio umbrellas to hide bleaching. Dry washing in shade.

If it’s too late and the damage is done, make use of some items. Keep old pillowcases and patch damaged curtain lining with them. Torn sun mattresses make good dog bed bases. Dye faded clothes and curtains a darker shade in the washing machine.

If all else fails, just move somewhere cooler!


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