#Cheating As A Gardener

Sometimes we have to admit defeat. We try to grow shrubs in a dry shady area, we need a flowering plant for a sunny porch or balcony where water is absorbed speedily,  we need a sprawling screen to hide an ugly shed, we need a climbing foliage boundary that is instant and attractive. In these cases, there are plenty of real solutions but they can take some time to grow, involve fuss to keep attractive or alive if we are away from home.

Artificial garden flowers

Artificial garden flowers

This is why the purchase of artificial replacements works. We can buy realistic looking fake plants in pots from small cacti to topiary trees. An ugly object can be covered in an artificial climber like ivy or a type of camouflage net with leaves. A boundary can be made with screens covered with foliage or artificial hedging growing  in oblong boxes. There is so much to choose from.

Artificial border, climbing ivy

Artificial border, climbing ivy


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