Share The #Cooking

Sometimes cooking with others is more speedy and less work. Different tastes can be included without one type of food predominating.

Perhaps you eat almost any cuisine and prefer to try new dishes from recipes online. Others may be more traditional. I like to make a spicy cauliflower recipe with added plain steamed pak choi and roasted sweet potato chips. Preparation is simple and the dishes are colourful and nutritious. Someone else likes to make a traditional meat casserole using favourite recipe books.

Shared cooking-meat casserole, spicy cauliflower with pak choi and sweet potato wedges

So this way we both assemble and cook the dishes, serving them together.

The vegetables can be served alone as can the casserole, making two meals instead of one. So one meal can be frozen for another day. Time problems? Cooking can be shortened with the use of a microwave or pressure cooker for the casserole. Good food without one person doing all the work!





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