How To #Move Forward

I bought my second sewing machine as a teenager. It served me well. I was able to make most of my clothes and some for family and friends. My clothes were original, made to last, as I used french seams and lining, plus being economical. All my paper patterns, including that of my wedding dress, are stored in our nearly empty attic. As yet, I have to find a home for over thirty paper patterns. Some of the designs have been updated and used again, such as flared trousers but others, like my PVC raincoat with geometric shapes, I wouldn’t wish to try again!

Over the last year, I have completely sorted our possessions. Every time I climbed the ladder into the attic to locate an item, I brought down something to discard. All over our home, unused or dated items have been taken to the charity shops, given away or thrown in the bin. However, my sewing machine has only just gone.

My trusty old ewing machine

My trusty old sewing machine

It was replaced by a third lighter, more automatic model. For a while, I kept both of them. Making a bed cover for a friend using the smooth, more advanced machine, persuaded me to part with the old one. I kept the original thread and bobbin box but the machine was disposed of for me. I felt pleased that I had moved on from my comfort blanket, rather than clinging to a possession from my formative years.

My smooth, light new sewing machine

My smooth, light new sewing machine


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