At this time of year, in particular, we look forward but also, we look back. The Roman god, Janus, had two heads. The profile of one head looked backwards and the other identical profile looked forwards.


We can be moved by our senses. Music can remind us of someone precious. Viewing an item, the feel of a piece of material,  a smell, a place, in fact, anything, can spark a memory and change our mood into sadness.

110z Newcastle, The Sage

Memorable music is produced at The Sage, Newcastle on Tyne, UK.

Maybe we compare ourselves to others or remind ourselves of pursuits that were unsuccessful, could have been improved or even begun. We feel regretful.


We plan lifestyle changes. We decide to take up new hobbies, a different job, travel, or we extend our interests in some way. Maybe we are determined to see more or less of certain people or just feel empathy and more kindness.


We travel locally and see one of the beaches with the priory and castle at Tynemouth, UK.


Rather than feeling defeated or inept, we can improve the situation. These unpleasant experiences have made us reflect. We have  a desire to rebuild ourselves. Using small steps, eventually, we  will be strengthened. The former person we were may have changed. It takes time and emotional strength.

Let’s try to be true to our character. Like the water flowing beneath a Tyne bridge, life goes on. Life is a privilege.


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