#Packing Tips

So you’re going away by road, rail, water or air.

LOOK AHEAD-weight limitations, present climate of destination(s), style of accommodation (a home, hotel, private rental etc), possible social events (smart restaurant, party, formal function etc), holiday or work wear

PACK mainly for the daytime. Roll up clothes. If possible, choose creaseproof non-iron clothes for less fuss. Try to pack just a few colours so you can mix and match. Remember sports clothes. Pack only basic toiletries and make-up. Some products can have double uses such as a moisturiser can remove make-up too. Lightweight scarves are useful plus a few pieces of cheap jewellery. Choose footwear for daytime with just one pair which doubles for evening wear. Underwear-one to wear plus one to wash. Leave room/weight for purchases.

LARGE BAG- makeup in small containers in see-through bag, medicine, hand sanitizer, glasses/sunglasses, reading (book/tablet/laptop/phone), camera, money/cards/passport/tickets, bottle of water, tissues, sugar-free chewing gum/mints, small umbrella, gloves, breakable/precious items/presents

OUTFIT FOR TRAVELLING with comfort in mind- crease resistant, not-constricting waist, loose top/dress, flat shoes, flight socks (long haul) under trousers, easily folded jacket/cardigan



Lots of compartments have various uses.


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