Our Very Hungry #Caterpillar

Ugh, we can recoil when we see something unexpected in the garden. A spider, slug or snail may be harmless, but it is enough to put us off. However, enjoying garden activities, I like to meet the fauna of the garden too. This does not include our great Danes of course! I like to see the clever spider’s web woven with skill, the silvery slimy trail of the slug and the compact spiral home of the snail. Being with nature heals and soothes us.

In Cyprus, the creatures are frequently bigger than those in the United Kingdom. Spiders, moths and chrysalises can be quite large. As soon as I see a different beetle, bird or any creature, I stare and admire it, realising too late that I should have taken a photo. By then the creature has scuttled or flown away. This has happened to me so many times.

As I trimmed some plants, I found a large brown caterpillar. I loved it, although some may have been frightened or repulsed by it. After all, it was soft and squelchy. It remained still so I had time to retrieve my mobile phone, even if I was wearing men’s flip flops several sizes too large and ill fitting gardening gloves with holes.

The caterpillar seems content crawling  to some oleanders along a grape vine stem.

The caterpillar seems content crawling along a grape vine stem to some oleanders, through morning glory and bougainvillea.


2 thoughts on “Our Very Hungry #Caterpillar

    • Thank you for the links Alison. I will certainly look at those. Yes, we stayed near the burning ghats and found the scene fascinating. The island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean is about four to five hours flight from the UK so it is enough for us to experience a change of weather and culture.

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