How To #Replant A Garden Area

Some of the plants on the terraces had become lanky. The Tecomara arches and low Lantana hedges required much hedge trimming. Time for a change. Dig up and rehome the old plants. Repaint the walls. We chose terracotta.

Out with the old plants

Out with the old plants

Move the lanky ferns to another more shady part of the garden. Plant all year round flowering purple bougainvillea arches as no trimming is needed. Spray some old white trellis black to replace the hedges. Plant evergreen jasmine to weave in and out of the trellis without constant trimming. It likes the sun and dappled shade.
Add some bark chippings or stone. Fill some matching terracotta urns with sun-loving plants.
Just trim the  side climbers and all is done.

Just trim the side bougainvillea, bury the irrigation pipes and maybe trim the yucca branches and all is done.


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