#Party Food Preparation (for no work on the night!)

Do you love celebrating a special occasion with a party? Maybe you don’t want to fuss on the day or you don’t want to pay for caterers or a meal. This is what I do for a large party. We had about 60 guests.

Cooked seafood pie ready for wrapping

Cooked seafood pie ready for wrapping

I decide on a simple dish that people like. It can be re-heated so I cooked it in advance. I double, triple, quadruple or multiply the recipe according to the approximate number of people invited/coming. I make slight changes to the recipe to add variation. This time I used cooked seasoned minced meat for the base and mashed potatoes for the top. Some mince I curried. To some seasoned mashed potato I added grainy mustard, to some I added parsley and to some I added grated cheddar cheese. Others I left plain. For the vegetarians, I fried chopped onions and celery and made this into a simple white sauce, (you could use a packet). I added some cubed salmon and white fish and cooked this for a few minutes only. I stirred in raw prawns and removed this from the heat. This I topped with seasoned parsley mashed potato. I wrapped the small potato pies in tin foil and placed them in the freezer.
Thawing the pies

Thawing the pies

The night before I removed the pies for thawing. The next day I removed the foil from the semi-thawed small pies and returned them to their original serving dishes. The large pies I placed in the cold oven to continue thawing.
Pudding? I made sugar free coconut and chocolate ice-cream. I placed a scoopful of ice-cream in cup cake cases (four) and froze them.
Chocolate and coconut (sugar free) ice cream.

Chocolate and coconut (sugar free) ice cream.

Before the party, I reheated the pies. I placed half in a food warmer after re-heating in the oven. The big ones remained warm in the oven after re-heating.
Ice creams were offered frozen in their cases after all the pies were eaten.


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