Ways To Keep Your #Neighbours Happy

We great danes, Stellar and Venus, love people. When the door thingy rings and the door opens, we run along for pats. We push our bodies against our visitors to protect them.
We bark at most things: things with two wheels that go zzzzzz, things with four wheels that go wheeeee wheeeee, little humans crying wah wah and big humans shouting in their gardens. He and she say, “No barking Stellar.”

Can you see the man in the tree?

Can you see the man in the tree?

I have have been barking today. New humans came. They carried long shiny thingys and put them on trees in the garden. They made saw saw sounds with their arms. He and she put us in our crates. We don’t mind as it’s comfy. When we came out the trees were smaller. I saw more big sky over me. The garden was shiny.
Rather him than me

Rather him than me

They said the humans next door would be happy. We still keep barking. I’m sure the humans next door like our barking too.
Quiet for a while

Quiet for a while


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