#Springtime Suggestions for UK Garden Flowers

Spring is my favourite season. In woodland, I love the assortment of successive bulbs in bloom. From white snowdrops, then yellow aconites followed by bluebells and small maroon or white anemones. The yellows and whites of tall narcissi look natural spread across grassy areas.

A grassy bank filled with narcissi

A grassy bank filled with narcissi

In window boxes or flower beds, various colours of primula, including white, blue, yellow, pink, maroon, red and the original pale lemon are attractive. Crocuses in white, yellow and purple, blue grape hyacinths and tiny blue scilla add more colour. Stocky hyacinths in shades of white, blue, pink and lemon add height to a window box.
Colourful primulas

Colourful primulas

The tree blosson is from sharp pale white, delicate pale pink to arresting bright pink. Finally tall irises add their dusky whites, maroons, blues and purples while tulips and fritillaria bring their bold colours of white, red, nearly black, yellow, pink and orange with some two tone colours.
Delicate Prunus blossom

Delicate Prunus blossom

elegant white and green, pretty pink and blue, hot orange and red plus striking yellow and purple. However mixing up the colours is just as gorgeous.


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