Do You Think I’m #Sexy?

I’m Venus, a great Dane and I’m happy when I smell my food in our bowls-those green fingery things, yellow round things with little blobs inside, juicy round thingys with small blobs inside, long green leafy sticks, long browny yellow squashy things and long hard orange wrinkly things. She chops them every day. I want to lick the white yogurty stuff. She drops a long white blob and a small round orange blob on to the food. She says they make our long legs and hair good. Next, some biscuity bits or raw chicken licken bones. They rub those things in my mouth clean.

I’m happy when I drink water from our bowls. I like the clean cold water he pours in each day.

I’m happy when he takes me out. I can smell lots of moving things and leafy things. I hear zoomy things and see big boxy things. I like the tall trees.

I’m happy when my sister and I run after a cat. Our tails are high and we bark and wag our tails fast.

8th birthday of Stellar and Venus

8th birthday of Stellar and Venus

I’m happy after she takes us in the tall box with her. She sprays water on us. Mmm it’s warm. She rubs bubbles on us. They smell funny. My sister, Stellar licks them off her hair.

I’m happy in our day and night beds. They’re snugly. I feel safe in my night time crate. When she washes the beds, they smell soapy, like the tall box.

This week we sister great danes, Stellar and Venus, are eight years old. She says we can live more than 8-10 years.


Hey, look at our curves. Are we still sexy?

Hey, look at our curves. Are we still sexy?


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