#Pancakes And #Passion

Quick Pancakes

delicious filling.

Just a leek, mushrooms and cream cheese make a delicious filling.

Pancakes after cooking

Pancakes after cooking

Sometimes just a quick visit to the kitchen is enough to make a tasty dish. Pancakes are popular at any time of year. Just fry a chopped leek and some chopped mushrooms. Once tender, remove them from the heat and stir in a tub of cream cheese. Season and spread a large spoonful of the mixture in the middle of a prepared pancake (bought or made) that is folded in half. Roll up and place each one in a buttered a dish. Left over filling can be placed around the edge of the dish. Heat in the microwave for about five minutes or the oven for longer.
Sensuous fish

Sensuous fish

Passion Food
Sometimes we need to share a special meal together and enjoy the romantic feeling. Champagne and fish are light and can be delicious.
Mmmm bubbly!

Mmmm bubbly!


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