#Hibernate Like Snakes

Brrr, We great danes, Stellar and Venus want to hide away. For a warm place, it’s been very cold here. I hear them talking. They say it’s three something outside. We run around sniffing where the cats have been in the garden but soon we want to come inside to be warm. The scared cat comes and sits on the mat by the front door. Here we can’t reach it. Ants and toads hid while it was cold. We are alone and have enjoyed long sleeps under woolly covers.

The whip snake moves fast up a tree-trunk like a corkscrew..

The whip snake moves fast up a tree-trunk like a corkscrew..

Me-We have been here in Cyprus for a long time but I did once see a snake in our garden. Shh don’t tell friends and relatives or they may not wish to visit us again! It was returning and slithering rapidly along by a wall in the woody, doggy section of our garden that is covered in leaves. To get there, there was only one way. The snake must have moved along through our trees. The thought of a snake above me is slightly unnerving. At least it was a non-poisonous brown whipsnake, not the venomous viper. Whipsnakes move fast like whips. Now all is safe as they’re hibernating. What to do when the weather warms up? We have removed the leaf litter mulch and lightly thinned the trees. The tall shady beautiful Ficus and Araucaria trees remain.


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