#Pantomime Season-Being Silly

Children like to watch a story, especially if it’s silly. The pantomime includes humour and the actors often swap roles so women dress up as men and the other way around. In the United Kingdom families watch these shows. The best we have seen was simple. There were only three actors who played several parts. There was no theatre or stage, just a little set. The actors performed in a small area with the children sitting in front of them. They sang present day pop songs so the children could join in and dance or move about if they wished. Some parents sat on the floor with their children and joined in the fun. The relaxed atmosphere was perfect.

The children are enraptured.

The children are enraptured.

These afternoon performances took place on a car ferry that was sailing from Newcastle to Amsterdam in the evening. The generous ship’s buffet lunch provided for adults and children was popular. It was fun on the ship even if it was not moving at the time. Some families remained on board after the pantomime to sail to Amsterdam later.
The car ferry

The car ferry


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