Three puddings from one- #Panettone

Panettone, the Italian cake is delicious.
Slices- Cut off some slices from the flat bottom and serve with a hot drink like coffee.
What to do with the rest?

Give me some!

Give me some!

Fruit Charlotte pudding- Cut off pieces from around the cake to turn it into a roundish shape. Use these pieces now or freeze the pieces for use in another pudding. Maybe you can line a buttered bowl with the overlapping pieces (crusts inside) and fill the middle with cooked pear or apple puree with an egg yolk added. Bake, cool and invert the dish. It’s like a Charlotte pudding.

Bread and Butter pudding- Instead use the pieces to make a small bread and butter pudding with sugar (optional), eggs and milk or cream.

Ingredients for a bombe.

Ingredients for a bombe.

Bombe- Hollow out your ball shape. Place whipped cream flavoured with vanilla or liqueur in the hollow. Place a piece of Panettone on top to hide the cream. Freeze. Serve your bombe slightly thawed with a sweet sauce or more cream.
From one Panettone-Slices, a Charlotte or bread and butter pudding plus a bombe.


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