Why Are We #Waiting?

In summer it’s hot so we great danes, Stellar and Venus, walk inside through the open door into the cool room. This time we have to wait. People must be there. She makes us wait so we don’t run in. Hurry up, I want to see everyone.

She’s like this when it’s wet outside. We have to sit and wait, wait, wait. She opens the door and wipes my paws with a black cloth. I want to pull my paw away. It feels funny. She wipes all my wet paws. If I’m wet from walking she wipes the splashes off my muddy tummy. He tells her to stop. She says we’re dirty. He says we’re not dirty.

I get fed up when it’s raining as then we’re very muddy. Then she puts each paw in a bowl of water. It’s difficult to stand on three legs. I lift my paw quickly and the water splashes her. She looks a mess. She brushes off the mud from each paw under the water.

She says, “It’s worth it.”

I'm fed up of waiting.

I’m fed up of waiting.


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