Ways To Be #Happy

We Great Danes, Stellar and Venus, love guests. They talk to us. They say things like “I know, away now,” and “Good girl, away now.” We want to rub our noses against them. Put our heads on their laps. They seem to push us away. I don’t know why. She wipes our mouths with a paper thingy. She says something about drool. She says sit. Then she strokes our heads. We lift our paws for more.

We're ready for pats!

We’re ready for pats!

Me-Guests to stay. We plan ahead. I cook and freeze meals, we arrange dates for our local friends to meet our staying guests at home or out. More guests coming. The others have sadly gone. Laughter, tasty meals, sharing tv programmes/films, going out. Simple pleasures made special with friends.

We take time to remember. We think about all those guests we have hosted, family or friends. So far we have looked after those with conditions including anorexia, coeliac/gluten intolerance, depression, substance withdrawal, schizophrenia, elderly frailness, stomach ulcer, post heart attack, dental problems, pregnancy plus babies requiring home-made blended food.
Feel good that you have given others TLC (tender loving care) in your own way, maybe at home or at work. When you give others happiness you are happy too. You might be happy to help some more.


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