Is this A Stomach #Ulcer?

They’re talking on that thing a lot. They sound sad. Now they’re happy. What’s going on? She’s making lots of things in the smelly room. She eats tiny bits. Can we have some please? She puts them in the very cold box.

It's ok, I love you as much as the telephone!

It’s ok, I love you as much as the telephone!

Me-I’m happy as the visitors are here. They weren’t coming but now their flight has landed. One has a gastric problem. She came at the last minute. I cook dishes like Chicken and Mustard Stroganoff, Cranberry and Chilli Pork Chops, Carrot and Ginger soup, Shrimp Spread. As I cook, I leave a small portion of each dish without spices for her and I put it in a plastic bag. The rest of each dish is spiced according to the recipe with maybe mustard, chillies, ginger or garlic. I bag those too and they all go in the freezer. My friend is pleased as she eats what we eat but without the stomach irritants. She likes fresh fruit, simple crudites of vegetables with a dip like tuna and yogurt and she drinks hot water with a caffeine free infusion.


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