#Heart Attack-How Do You Help?

So your partner/friend/relative has trouble breathing. Best to go to the doctor, ring for an ambulance or go to hospital-whichever is quickest. You pack a hospital bag. Take over all functions until your partner is in hospital.
You drive your partner and take him/her to the doctor. Listen to the prognosis.
Check visiting times.
Bring favourite fruit. Ask what to bring for the next visit(s), if allowed e.g. electronic devices, books/magazines/papers, change of pyjamas, food (healthy) etc.
Ask if your partner wants visitors.
Tell friends/relatives whom you wish to know.
Carry on as normal. Complete your necessary activities. Follow your usual routine between visits.
Care for yourself-Eat properly as you need strength and energy.
Ensure you have enough sleep for good well-being.
Feel proud that you’re coping and positive.
Feel reassured by the sympathy of others.

Fruit is always welcome

Fruit is always welcome


2 thoughts on “#Heart Attack-How Do You Help?

  1. Time is the most critical part of the equation….and is nothing to mess with. I experienced the widow maker and can speak first hand that had my co-workers, the ambulance squad, hospital, doctors, and everyone else reacted so quick I would not be here today.

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