How To Keep Your Dog Well #Behaved

We Great Danes, Stellar and Venus, like to look after them. When I hear a dog bark, a pigeon, a zzz thing, a nee no nee no nee no, people, I bark. My bark is big like me! Why? I dunno. Maybe I want to help him and her. Venus doesn’t hear much but she barks when a thingy’s moving. We do this lots. He and she look at us. They look cross.

Can we jump?

Can we jump?

Me-When we chose our dogs we wanted qualities like being good with children. However Great Danes are excitable. They bark at sounds. However we can control this a little by distracting them or making them lie down. Lately, the barking has increased. The other day our pet food shop had one sac of dog biscuit (we add a little to their bones and raw food diet, BARF) for working dogs who need plenty of fuel for their activities. Our dogs are older now and only walk or swim once a day. They are not working dogs. The result of the new dog biscuit meant Stellar and Venus became extra “fussy”. They barked and wandered around as if looking for something. Of course they don’t need extra energy.

What's under the bush?

What’s under the bush?

Danes should have three ribs showing to keep their weight correct. So I vary the amount of their biscuit. I removed the working dog biscuit from Stellar’s food. Her barking has almost gone. Venus is still eating the biscuit so she is still “fussing”. Hopefully, the pet shop has sacs of our usual dog biscuit again!


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