How We Can Be #Positive Like Dogs

Oh, it’s the first food time today for us Great Danes! Just a quick wee under the high things while he gets the smelly stuff-mmm yum. Now she rubs that thingy on us-feels good! A short lie down in our comfy boxes. Ah, now we’re out running through herbs. Smells of cats where he and she sit. Quick, a run up the rocky bits to look for something furry! Inside on to our soft snugly beds. We get up for more pats from her-aah.

I'm sitting as well as I can.

I’m sitting as well as I can.

I'm good at sitting.

I’m good at sitting.

Me-Wake up to Cyprus morning sunshine. Enjoy a swim while it’s cool. A cleansing shower. A breakfast of various flavours and textures A choice of activities and hobbies. In our own lives, let’s live for the moment when we can.
We can find something to like on the school run/way to work-the chatter of the children, attractive plants, interesting buildings, familiar sounds and faces. There’s always something to appreciate wherever we are, at work, at home, shopping, whatever. When in a rush and due to our wish to succeed in any way, whether it be just to arrive on time or to aim for a high standard, things can pass us by. We can train ourselves to be more mindful of the present and so improve our wellbeing.

We love our rescue friend.

We love our rescue friend.

Let’s be simple like dogs!


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