Simple Pot Decorating With Broken #China-Don’t Throw It At Your Partner!

He sounds loud. He shouts at something. I don’t like it. I’m Stellar, a Great Dane and I’m scared. She looks at me and she says it’s alright. I get up. My head hangs down. I go where it’s quiet.

I hear a crash outside. More smashing. I keep away. Venus, my sister, hears only a little, so Venus goes and looks. She’s banging things on the ground. She throws a bag on the ground. Smash. She throws it again. She looks inside the bag. Is she cross too, like him?

Smash some crockery when you're feeling cross!

Smash some crockery when you’re feeling cross!

Me-Break your old or broken plates etc in a shop bag. Grout the small pieces of china on to a pot with a rough surface. For outdoor use, make sure your grout is frost resistant. Fill up the gaps between the “mosaic” pieces with more grout. Paint the pot to match. Maybe you will feel better then!
Irregular Mosaics

Irregular Mosaics

They're quiet now-sh!

They’re quiet now-sh!


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