Meet The #Monster

It’s late and dark outside. We Great Danes are lying in our day beds. Venus makes rrr sounds from her face. She says I do it but it’s her now. There’s a light thing on and she and he are looking at the big box. We Great Danes see a big black thingy. It moves fast above us. It goes flutter, flutter. It goes everywhere fast. Maybe it wants to get out. I should jump on it but it’s too late. I’m sleepy. She gets up and turns off the shiny thing. Something goes click and the bright things are on outside. The flutters stop. She says its gone. The big shiny things go off and inside the small one comes on. She sits down and they look at the box.

It flew around the room.

It flew around the room.

The next morning someone tells me to see the monster under their bedroom curtain. Oh perhaps it’s the giant moth from last night. It flew up the stairs. I can see its colours now. It looks like military camouflage with some purple. As I pick it up it doesn’t move. It’s about the width of my palm. Oh no, I hope it’s alive. I drop it from a balcony on to a garden plant. A few minutes later in the front garden, I can’t see it where I dropped it. I hope it’s ok. Inside again, I’m on the other side of the house. There’s a big moth shadow on the other side of the muslin curtains. Perhaps it’s the same moth. Gently, I take it off the curtain and release it into the back garden from the high terrace. It flies away fast. It shoots upwards and to the left. It seems to know where it’s going. It’s an Oleander Hawk-Moth. Their larvae feed on pink, white and cream oleanders, maybe ours. I hope it was ok. I love them but others aren’t so interested!
The Monster

The beautiful Oleander Hawk Moth

The beautiful Oleander Hawk Moth


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