Our Garden #Palm Tree-Recycling!

It’s getting hot and we Great Danes, Stellar and Venus, watch the small dark thingys fall from the spiky tree. They go click, click. She got it before we came. They had labra sort of dogs then. They’re under our tall thin trees. I look at the grass which grows from the dark things. I don’t want to eat it. There’s better stuff to eat out here.

It's bigger than our house!

It’s bigger than our house!

They call, Stellar, Venus and we have to go away from the tree. A man goes up. He goes up high. I hear saw, saw. A big bit falls down, then more and more. They put them along the fence. Why won’t they let us out to run after cats? The long bits are sharp so we stay away.
One large leaf falls on to the pile.

One large leaf falls on to the pile.

Me-This palm type has no dates or coconuts. Fourteen years ago we planted it as a garden feature when it was a metre tall. I chose it because the strong fan like leaves stand up well to heavy winds. Sometimes our palm tree is trimmed by a brave man. He climbs up the trunk without a ladder. He places a rope around the tree and just a strip of wood to stand on. We use the reddish-brown trunk leaf bases to burn on the fire in winter. The leaf stems have sharp teeth along them so beware!
Seedlings-big and small

Seedlings-big and small

I remove the round black sprouting palm seeds from the soil. Perhaps I keep one in a pot where it has self sown. As the small shrub grows I cut away the lower browning leaves.
A self sown palm

A self sown palm


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