Why The Great Danes and I Love #Lantana

We rush out to sniff it. We bury our heads in it. We know lizards scuttle in it. We begin to nibble it. We continue this habit for about ten minutes. Then on to the path we both deposit some saliva with chewed Lantana in it. Why do we do it? I don’t know. Is it the aromatic smell? Don’t know. Is it the taste? No idea. We just keep on doing it even though it makes us a little sick!

It smells mmm.

It smells mmm.

Lantana is like a weed in some countries. In our garden I have planted various colours: orange, white and two-tone orange and red. There is also lemon, lilac and two-tone pink and lemon. I must make some cuttings and plant some more. Why do I like such an ordinary plant? It stands up to heat and drought. It flowers for most of the year. Cut it back savagely and it grows again fast. Shape it how you like, low as flowering ground cover if you wish. Mine is in terraced hedges.


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