What To Do With Useful Plant, #Fennel

Fennel gives you so much. It grows up and dies down each year only to grow again even bigger next year. It unfolds with delicate fern like foliage, robust purple/green buds, frothy yellow/green flowers and plentiful seeds.

The foliage makes is pretty for flower arrangements. Also it’s useful for food garnishes and distinctive herb flavouring, especially for fish.

New shoots appearing

New shoots appearing

It’s buds are dramatic for a stark flower arrangement.
The dramatic bud

The dramatic bud

The airy flowers add colour to a garden.
Fennel Flowers

Fennel Flowers

The seeds can be collected, dried and used as an aromatic flavouring for dishes.
The bulb type of fennel can be cut one inch/several centimetres above the soil and used in salads and recipes.
The plant can be dried and used for flower arrangements. I sprayed our dried fennel chocolate brown and mixed it with fresh flowers for a themed wedding.
Here in Cyprus, fennel grows during spring and dies down in summer. It grows wild all over the island. It likes warmth and well drained soil with a regular watering.


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