Want To Stop Dogs Making A #Mess Of Your Home?

Why are we waiting? Here we (Great Danes, Stellar and Venus) are sitting outside the door. I make a small bark. If she doesn’t come I give another bark. If we are still waiting then I keep barking. She opens the door, tells me to sit and then calls me, Stellar, first. Sometimes I have to wait for ages. Then she makes Venus wait. If she let us in quickly then we would be happy and run all over inside. We might knock over a lamp, shake something off the wall or move the rug to the other side of the room. It’s a shame she makes us wait. When she lets us in we’re fed up of waiting and we just walk or trot inside.

Sometimes it’s wet. We don’t like being wet. We’re Cyprus dogs, born where it rains only a little. So why does she make us sit here waiting under the shade? We stepped in the muddy bits. We rushed up the outside stairs in the rain. Now she opens the door. She comes out and puts my foot in a bowl of water and scrubs it. I can’t stand on three legs. She does it to all my paws. Then Venus. She wipes us all over with a towel. What a fuss. I think huge wet paw prints from us both look good on the clean floor or carpet. Don’t you?

Stellar and Venus waiting, waiting, waiti.....

Stellar and Venus waiting, waiting, waiti…..


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