How To Make Simple #Marmalade And Tuna #Pancake Filling

Marmalade in Kilner Jars

Marmalade in Kilner Jars

Cut your citrus fruit into quarters. Place it all into a large pan and boil, then simmer until tender. Liquidise and cool. Remove any whole pips. Add sugar/alcohol to taste. Mine isn’t too sweet but sharp. Wash/sterilise the Kilner jars in the dishwasher if possible. Use boiling water to sterilise the rubber seals. Place the cooled marmalade in the jars up to the top. Cover with a disc of greaseproof paper. Place the rubber seal in the lid. Shut the lid. Each year this easy recipe uses the citrus fruit growing in our garden. If you don’t have enough jars, freeze the marmalade.

Savoury Tuna Pancakes
Make about a pint/600 ml of white sauce. Add fried onions (optional,) 3 (8oz/225g) tins drained tuna, seasoning and fresh chopped fennel. Place between flat pancakes to make a cake/tower. Heat in the microwave. This is a family favourite.


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