Don’t Give Your Dog All You #Eat.

Here they go again! She says they’ll only eat meat three times a week. He wants it more. Noise. She goes on about being well, he says we need fat. I like fat. She says we need more good fat. Quiet. Oh. I heard him say he’s going to eat less meat. Her eyes were big and she smiled.

Today she’s doing for them, fish, avocados, tomatoes or prawns and onions. She uses that sharp thing in the kitchen. We can’t go in there but we try, he he. When she chats she forgets. She walks away. Once Venus, a puppy, walked in and reached for the avocado. She rushed back.

She knows avocado can kill dogs so she does the knife thing inside a plastic bag, just in case she forgets. Then it all goes in the hot thing. Mmmm smells!

Mmm maybe not

Mmm maybe not


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