No Mistakes! Ways To #Cherish Your Partner/Special One/#Valentine

Ah there’s the two paper things on the table. She’s smiling. She keeps smelling the flowers. Sometimes it’s a plant. That means they go out tonight, so it’s peanut butter for us Great Danes, Stellar and Venus!

Me-Check what you both like and try compromise! To show affection, respect eachother’s feelings. Surprises can go wrong so check first unless you’re sure.
One wants a fuss, the other doesn’t- Buy/make a home cooked meal eaten alone together (share the preparation) followed perhaps by a DVD.
No money-Visit somewhere local together that’s free-a favourite park/museum/walk/beach/place.
Have everything-Plan something that you both like but do infrequently, theatre show, weekend break, spa treat.
Like romance-Book a dinner somewhere special or plan to cook something with a bit of fuss at home, flower(s) in bud, wine.
Indulgence-Choose some special underwear/night clothes together, good chocolates, champagne, jewellery.
Practical-Indoor/garden plant(s) will last longer than flowers, tie/cufflinks, T-shirts.
Prefer company-Share a bar/bistro evening with another like minded couple(s).
Funny-Buy amusing cards and jokey T-shirts.
Been together a long time?-You say you want to go to the card shop. He asks why. You choose cards and buy them together!

A simple present can be fun!

A simple present can be fun!


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