Do You Like My Pink House With Red Dots Or Black? #Decorator Tips

Woof woof, men with tins! One pats me but the others keep moving away. They put stuff on the house. One of the men climbs up three ladder things. I watch him near the roof. Stop, I feel dizzy. He moves a roller up and down, up and down. The one with the hat cuts a branch from a Cypress tree. It used to scratch on a big window. When he was on a ladder he cut it. She went “Hooray.” He smiled. The one with the brush strokes me now. Can I sniff the tin? He shuts the balcony door. Why? Venus has a small bit of the stuff on her white coat. I like watching them from inside. He makes them hot drinks. They sit in a circle to eat.

Ways to keep the external decorators happy-
First ensure you agree on what you want painted, any preparation, number of coats, the correct colours, correct type of paint, equipment, the cost.
During work-Keep out of their way, give them old sheets, try to keep them outside so you have less mess inside, give them snacks/drinks, show interest and check on their work each day, give complements for their hard work and expertise. Keep pets away!

Beware Wet Paint!

Beware Wet Paint!


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