Who Did That To The #Decorations?

Time for a game! That big sparkling pomegranate on the tall tree is low down so I can reach it. My tooth marks are on it. I take it gently with my teeth and run away with it. It’s fun. It feels like a soft toy and it rolls but doesn’t break. I’ll bite some more. I like the leafy bits and white spongy inside. The prickly shiny powder on the outside tastes fishy. It sticks to my tongue. It smells of sticky stuff. She’s always using sticky stuff. On the smaller tree a shiny ball fits above my tongue. When my mouth is shut you can’t tell I have it. They were sitting, chatting with friends and I was bored. So I reached for it when they weren’t looking. She put it back on the tree but I pulled it off again. Now it’s in a trail of pieces on the floor. Venus my sister chewed it. Best of all I like the furry teddy sock. It’s for me. She took it out of the box and put it on the floor so I walked off with it. I know it’s mine. She tried to take it out of my mouth but it’s mine. It feels soft. It’s hanging up now. I don’t let Venus take any of them from the trees,only me.

Stellar wants the teddy stocking all for herself!

Stellar wants the teddy stocking all for herself!


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