Taming A Thug-Beautiful #Bougainvillea

There she goes with those green things on her hands and she’s clipping. Clip,clip,clip. She tidies the tubs quickly. The plants are thin and all the leaves are at the top. It’s the ones along the fence I watch. They have long bushy stems with huge spikes that could tear my coat. I keep away while she cuts with giant scissors or  the noisy thing. She picks up the long cut branches and carries them. We don’t go where she goes. It’s where the cats are. She shuts the gate. We want to come too. We see a cat. Bark bark. Our tails lift up in a high arch. We jump from side to side. Sometimes she  drops a few twigs on the woody area. Then she bends down looking for them among all the dry Ficus leaves. She had better find them. Those spines can hurt our paws. Ouch!

As soon as the coloured bracts fall, I cut off the branch.


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