We Smell #Anchovies Again!

Well it’s that fish smell again. She used some in a green bean recipe yesterday. Now today she’s adding them to stringy stuff. She cuts up and cooks white flower, setting the annoying beeper thing for about four minutes. Sometimes she leaves it beeping because she’s bringing in washing or something. Then he is annoyed. She cooks brown and coloured string too. In green stuff, she fries gently chopped onion and garlic. She adds those fish, pine nuts and raisins. Today she dropped some so I got it before my sister. We Great Danes aren’t allowed in the kitchen but we creep in quietly. Sometimes she leaves to soak some thin threads in a little hot white flower water and then adds some tomato goo. She stirs this into the frying mixture. Now, she might prepare our food so we rush to our eating place. With luck we might get some left over bits in our food tomorrow. Gently she stirs all their ingredients together. They rub some cheese beginning with p over the dish and say mmmm!

A spaghetti dish

A spaghetti dish



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